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Buenos Aires
Alma del Plata Buenos Aires Hotel & Apart

Buenos Aires is a beautiful city with endless number of attractions and activities for visitors. Alma Del Plata Buenos Aires Hotel & Apart has a prime location to visit the main attractions of Buenos Aires, as well as an easy access in transport.


It was opened in 1936 to commemorate the fourth centenary of the first Spanish installation in Rio de la Plata. A capital postcard, the symbol of Buenos Aires, a National Historic Landmark, an obligatory reference, the Obelisk rises 67 meters in the center of the city and allows an incredible panoramic view.

San Telmo

Back to the past, this area shows the traditional colonial adobe and brick houses, narrow lanes and cobbled streets. This district preserves the history of Buenos Aires; there, we can find many attractions, such as museums, churches, the Casa Mínima and the Lezama Park.

La Boca

This district dazzles with its street or open air museum, Caminito. Undoubtedly, the capital is characterized by its passion for football and witness a Sunday match is an unforgettable experience for any visitor.

Puerto Madero

It is the most fashionable district of the city. Sophisticated buildings, fine restaurants and an unforgettable view of the river are part of this avant-garde district. Steps away from Puerto Madero, we can find the Ecological Reserve, which provides a pure nature landscape outdoors.

Teatro Colón

This theater is considered one of the five best theaters of the world thanks to its size, acoustic and trajectory. The Teatro Colón embraces all kind of performance from opera to ballet and tango.

Peatonal Florida

Among the most important streets and avenues of the city of Buenos Aires we can mention Florida Street. A pedestrian shopping area which was born in Rivadavia Avenue and ends at Plaza San Martin.
Along this street we can find many shops: regional and leather items, banks, bookstores, cafes and restaurants. Besides, we can enjoy street performances, such as tango dancers, guitarists, singers and illusionists.